The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law outlines 10 Reasons People with Disabilities Should Oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s Nomination:
He is a threat to your health care.
He would allow the President to wield dangerous power.
He is dismissive of the fundamental rights of people with disabilities.
He won’t protect the rights of workers with disabilities.
He would narrow the protections of civil rights laws.
He promotes school voucher programs that leave students with disabilities without key protections.
He discounts the role of the administrative agencies that enforce your rights.
He would allow states to impose restrictive voter ID laws.
He imposes barriers for people seeking justice in courts.
He will not fairly protect the rights of all people, including people with disabilities.

Write, call, tweet, pester your senators now.


diggin’ it

so, i’m diggin’ this vegetarian thing. of course, it’s only been a few days, but i’ve been reading things about how animal protien is carcinogenic, and on and on – weight-loss, disease prevention, etc. not too hard to find. like this.  anyway, it’s got me all fired up, part of my 50th birthday gift to myself. seems a pretty easy way to improve my overall health. came across the phrase, “you are what you eat eats.” think about it.

i made my first career-change networking call last night, which felt good. i hope the guy really does come thru with some people for me to talk to. gotta make more calls tonight, and keep making them. i told this guy it was sort of like dating – if you get your name out to enough people, eventually one of them will agree to go out with you.

and my meds dillema is between tyabri or nothing. i’ll need to talk to my neuro about it before i make a final decision.

and someone should sit john mccain down and educate him about the middle east. he keeps making “gaffes,” i guess they are called – the latest talking about a sunni leader who would have been killed were it not for the surge that he was for, and obama was against, a leader who was a key element in making anbar a safer place. except that this leader was killed in anbar, during the surge, which was not even announced until after the so-called “anbar awakening.” what is this man talking about? he makes himself out to be an expert in middle east policies, and in warfare, etc., but he seems to have no grasp of the facts or what is really going on. someone should stop him. and yet, his campaign complains about the free ride obama has been given – i don’t see any front page stories on mccain’s apparent lack of understanding of the basics of the middle east. argh.

rant over.

monkey man

i will apologise in advance for any of you i might offend, but after watching clips of president bush’s comments about gas prices, the economy, etc. on the news last night, i am now completely convinced that this man is a moron. he can’t seem to speak in complete sentences, he is less articulate than a 6th grader, and seems to have no idea whatsoever about the realities of daily life for the “average” american, if such a creature exists.

comparing bush’s prepared comments to obama’s, or even mccain’s, off the cuff comments just proves that we have a monkey-man in the white house. and whoever wins in november, at least we’ll finally have a grownup running the country.

(end of rant.)

not to get political…..

….but i am horrified and disgusted with how quickly the forces of john mccain have gone vicious, he who said in no uncertain terms that he would not “go negative,” in this campaign. but then, there are so many things he has said and then changed his story on that it should come as no surprise that not only have the negative attacks started against obama, but also against his wife. typical, despicable republican tactics. hit ’em hard, hit ’em low.