So I did go out into the woods yesterday, and it was truly wonderful. The best word I came up with was “astonishing.” I started out, and thought how easy it was, how foolish I had been to think that this was so difficult, and I had a wonderful time. I was very glad, tho, that I had thought to bring the walking stick that Ben had made for me, because I stepped into some sort of sinkhole, and sunk to my hip, and were it not for the stick, I’d be there still. The snow was easily 3 feet deep, beyond the reach of my arm.

I found that all my familiar landmarks were gone, so my goal of the bench in the Peace Garden was not to be, and when I noticed the land begin to fall away down the hill, I realized I had way overshot the garden, and it was then that I started to feel a little tired, and the thought occurred to me that maybe it had been a mistake to come this far out into the woods. The walk back was like climbing Mt. Everest – one step, stop to rest, another step, stop to rest, with occasional longer pauses to try to flex my sore back. Then I saw the house, and eventually made it to the back steps, got the snowshoes off, the boots off,(best boots in the world!) and crawled thru the door to sprawl on a chair.

It was hugely exhausting “walk,” but well worth it for the experience of such a magical place. It was discouraging only in that it was so exhausting. And tho I implored my family to go out and see for themselves, none of them did. Too bad.


Cloud Escapes

Two Buddhas in Conversation is an ancient Chinese (I think) bronze sculpture, which I have never seen. I read about it years ago, and the name has always stuck with me, mostly in association to photography – the conversation, if you will, between darkenss and light, between form and emptiness. I think that is why I am so attracted to black and white photography.

Since I started this blog, I have been casting about for something to write about. I don’t want to write about the photographs – if I can say it in words, why bother with the photograph – but I didn’t know what else to write about. Yesterday I read a few blogs written by people with MS, writing about their experiences with it, and the little lightbulb went on, and I thouht I’d see how writing about my experiences with MS felt. You’ll have to let me know how I’m doing.

We have a lot of snow here in Maine, about a foot fell yesterday. The woods around my house are beautiful, and I would love to strap on my snowshoes and go out into it – with camera or without. There is something very special about the winter woods, something quite magical. But I feel how heavy my legs are, just going up the stairs, and how my back and arms felt after 15 minutes of shoveling yesterday, and I know I would not get far. I am scared that I’d fall down and not be able to get up. I have this image of myself crawling back to the house thru three feet of snow. Another thing I have to give up and get over?

Maybe I’ll go out anyway.

Ice #3

I’ve been away, but the ice is still everywhere.

There are several images in my “future blogpix” folder, but I find that I am far more selective about what images I deem postable, far more critical in my self-editing. I suppose that is a good thing.

I was in Boston for a few days, and found myself at Downtown Crossing without my camera. Made me re-appreciate the vow – usually adhered to – to always carry my camera. Made me want to go back just to spend the day downtown WITH my camera. But not until it gets warmer. Or someone invents a camera with built-in handwarmers.