Babe in the snow

So much snow. Spring has come every year so far, so I suppose it is safe to assume that it will come again. But about this time each year, as we await the next snowstorm, I begin to have some doubts. There is a first time for everything.

Ice #3

I’ve been away, but the ice is still everywhere.

There are several images in my “future blogpix” folder, but I find that I am far more selective about what images I deem postable, far more critical in my self-editing. I suppose that is a good thing.

I was in Boston for a few days, and found myself at Downtown Crossing without my camera. Made me re-appreciate the vow – usually adhered to – to always carry my camera. Made me want to go back just to spend the day downtown WITH my camera. But not until it gets warmer. Or someone invents a camera with built-in handwarmers.


Image hosted by

Now that I am running OSX on my Mac, I can finally start a Blogger Blog, which will be easier to administer and hopefully be a little more visible than the last one. I will keep that one as I left it for archival purposes.

This image was taken, not flying my ultralight over the rainforest, but on my knees in a church parking lot, genuflecting to the gods of light and shadow.