Mice and Men

So much for posting more frequently. So much for best laid plans. Anyway.

I came across this tweet from @jessokfine:

“The scariest thing about adulthood is when you realize that doctors are just fancy guessers.”

It might not be the scariest thing, but it resonates, don’t it? When I was first diagnosed, my neurologist laid out the five CRAB drugs and told me to pick one. He said that it didn’t really matter which one, they were all essentially the same as far as efficacy. Toss the dice, spin the wheel, guess. He said that my disease would either progress or not, but there was no way to know if it was due to the Rebif or just the natural course of my particular disease.

We all know what the one certainty is in life. Every day, we make the best guesses we can. We do our best to inform ourselves,  and place our trust in the best guessers we can find for advice. In the end, we’re all just guessing. There is no black and white, just make your guess, place your bet, and move on. Medical breakthroughs are just guesses that pan out. Chasing MS is mostly all guessing. It is unpredictable, and does what it does despite our best efforts. Kinda like most things, I guess.

The Littles #18. More at zenhead.tumblr.com
The Littles #18. More at zenhead.tumblr.com
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