midnight musing

Is there any quantitative difference between the Hindu mantra “tumi baja re,” and the more secular Town Fair Tire jingle? Both occupy space in my frontal lobe, and both come as easily to my consciousness. Is one “better” than the other for keeping my mind from wandering away from the present moment? I think not. Both serve the same purpose, meaning can be stripped from either, allowing them to run in loops thru my wandering mind as pure sound and rhythm. Perhaps there can be an entire new cannon of meditation mantras drawn from advertising jingles.



i chanted myself to sleep last night with this mantra, from scripture of the golden eternity by jack kerouac:
“roaring dreams take place within a perfectly silent mind.
now that we know this, throw the raft away.”
it was a koan, a puzzle to which there may not actually be a solution, but the puzzling over it leads the puzzler in a new direction. tho i have tried, i can’t explain what this koan means, but it makes perfect sense to me. something about the raft being a protection against stepping fully into the river. it helped lead me out of a few days of rather deep depression. i always find the passage out of that place to be a very creative period.
it has to do with looking at photography and writing (my two creative outlets) more playfully, with less concern for “the rules,” and repeatable results. i guess that inspiration comes from kerouac too.
anywho, i have no idea where this will lead, or if it will lead anyplace. but i am interested in the journey.