One blog to rule them

At the risk of alienating what few patient followers I may still have, I am once again consolidating my vast and scattered blogging empire into one location, reclaiming an old forgotten about domain. Two Buddhas in Conversation is the name of an ancient bronze sculpture that I came across in some history book (wish I knew more about it), and thought it a fitting description of the two sides of the creative process – activity/inactivity, writing/not writing, reading/not reading, noise/silence, yes/no, emptiness/fullness, inhale/exhale, etc. You get it.

So anyway, for what it’s worth Two Buddhas will now become the consolidation of Captured Light (my photography blog), The Littles (a chronicle of an on-going photographic project), and any other places I’ve stashed various writings and creative endeavors in the far reaches of the interwebs and forgotten about. Further, I’m going to challenge myself to post at least one thing here every day – a random thought, a photograph, a link to something desperately important, a deep probing essay, a joke, a fortune cookie, whatever comes to mind, whatever I find on my desk or in front of my face – just something every day. I am eminently distractible so I don’t know how well this will go. Call it a fools errand destined to fail, call it what most blogs really are, a selfish indulgence, call it the inception of a brilliant contribution the the culture of our times – call it whatever you like. Check in every now and then, subscribe (!), leave comments (please), tell your friends.

As a side note, and this is fodder for a post in its own right, I’m taking a break from Facebook, where my eminently distractible self spends far too much time to no discernible benefit. I haven’t screwed up the courage to fully disengage yet, but I’m suspending my account and taking a break to see what happens, what it feels like. Energy that’s been going into scrolling that feed, feeding that feed, I’ll aim towards Two Buddhas and maybe even doing real actual things in my real actual meatspace life. Here’s the essay from Medium that brought me to this decision.

As Tom Waits said at the close of his live Nighthawks At The Diner album, “I want to thank you all for coming this evening. It would have been strange if nobody showed up.”