One more from Providence.



i’m back from my first solo adventure with the wheelchair, and i’m happy to say i survived. due in no small part to the great kindness of strangers, and the even greater kindness of family. i don’t know if people have always been this kind, and i just never noticed it before, or if they are more kind when they see someone in a wheelchair, but i never had to ask anyone to open, or hold, a door for me, people seemed willing to step out of the way to allow me to squeeze through. and aside from the coors truck that almost ran me over in providence, (not really, he was a better driver than i eventually gave him credit for, and missed me by 10 inches), i felt very accommodated.

when i was a kid, we didn’t see too many disabled people, if we actually ever saw any. i don’t remember seeing many people in wheelchairs, or bopping along on crutches or walkers. maybe they were there and i never saw them, or maybe disabled people just didn’t have the same resources that i am fortunate to have access to, and so didn’t get out much – if at all. but having now apparently joined their ranks, it is refreshing for me to discover that i don’t feel odd or in the way, and that the world – at least the tiny parts i’ve investigated – seems wiling to do what it can to accommodate me.

a little side note: i posted this morning on facebook that i was going to scale back my involvement there (hopefully not setting off another earthquake), but was going to try to keep more up to date with this blog. i invited anyone there who was interested in my doings (assuming there is anyone) to check in here, or contact me via email. it’s not that i’m so busy i don’t have time for facebook, and it’s not that i don’t care about the friends i’ve amassed there, it’s just that i spend 45 minutes wandering around that community, and then realize i’ve been wandering around aimlessly for 45 minutes. sort of like when i first got cable tv. anyway, i plan to be more vigilant at keeping one life more current, and welcome your comments and your emails. i hope i don’t lose any friends through this, and actually hope to find new ones.

more details soon on my travels.