knock three times…

every time i read about or think about this cadidia yeast thing, i hear that song…”…once on the pipe if the answer is no.“<p>

i have been investigating the anti-candidia diet,


taking notes on what i “can”
and “cannot” eat, and it is remarkably similar to the atkins diet, tho more strict. essentially, no sugars of any kind – including fruit sugar. no gluten (rice, bread, etc.). nothing containing yeast. no cheese or mushrooms (mold). no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine, some say no tea of any kind. only certain kinds of nuts. basically meat and most vegetables. there are long lists of “can” and “can’t”. so i’m going to try to fashion a daily diet out of all of this. it’s actually not that hard.

cute little candidia
cute little candidia

(tho giving up sugar will be a bear, and my vegetarianism will fall by the wayside), since i’m not home all day, so i only eat what i bring with me, and if i don’t carry money, then the evil snack machine is off limits. it’s a healthy way to eat, and i am looking at it as a goal to shoot for, but as my pcp said, all i have is time, so why not give it a year, see how i feel.
(and it might not bother any of you, but that little “,tr>” hanging out there is bugging me, but i can’t find it in the html. also for those of you who subscribe to this blog, i apologise for hitting the “publish” button instead of the “preview” button”>)


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

One thought on “knock three times…”

  1. Interesting. Are you allergic to yeast? I tried cutting diary and gluten but it didn’t seem to make a difference so I gave it up. My mom did suggest that candida might be an issue for me but I have not tested it out yet and I too am vegetarian so these things can be a pain…

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