me- motorized

ok, i’m all set to join the motorized generation. got my stairlift coming, should be here and installed, maybe by the end of the week. recently, my climb up to bed at night has been like an assault on everest. i think going up and down, despite having railings on both sides of the stairway, is not only difficult but dangerous. if i ever lost my grip, there’d be no stopping me. ass over teakettle, as they say. a special shout-out to my parents for their very generous support of that project.

also working on a power wheelchair. i have in mind a nice fairly compact foldable chair, that comes apart and will go in the back of the subaru, but the dealer thinks that insurance companies don’t like paying for those, that there is no “code” for this particular type of chair. i have spoken with my insurance company at length, and the very nice woman on the phone seemed to not understand my question of whether there was any kind of chair they did NOT cover. so we shall see.

anyway, i figure in a week or so, i’ll be all electrified.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

2 thoughts on “me- motorized”

  1. Careful using that word ‘electrified’. It is sometimes how my nerves feel and seems to be related to the weather. Like you know how your hair stands up on end just before the lightning is about to strike. I much prefered you term ‘motorized’. The lift should be of great help. You will regain some of your freedom, because the dread of the climb will be gone.

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